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KH-T120 automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine

Product Details
KH-T120 / KH-T160 type machinery is fully automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machinery, commonly known as smoke charter. In BOPP film or PVC for packaging materials, will be packaged in a single package the device was folded three-dimensional hexahedral packet is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, agricultural and sideline products films, health care products, toys, stationery, gift products, and other high-end products industry Cellophane skin packaging. It is an ideal three-dimensional packaging equipment cartridge. With automatic feeding, wrap bag, folding, IC packaging and testing, end seals, shaping up and down, counting, and self-adhesive tear tape and other functions. On-cable company logo or name can be printed in a variety of colors. and with security lasers, phosphorescence, is the best one security solution. very suitable for high-grade brand-name packaging. The machine is equipped with a U-shaped cutter, packaging items have easy pulling, easy unpacking. green energy, low-cost packaging material. Packaging effect smooth and beautiful, fully sealed package dust, humidity, security, pollution prevention, is to replace the traditional shrinking machine of the best equipment. This equipment can be used independently as a stand-alone or connected set PACKER front coupling cartoning machine, play yards and other related online etc. equipment.
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