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Branch Hong Machinery was established in 2003, is located in the base of the world's largest commodity city - Zhejiang Yiwu Our company specializes in the design and development and production and sale of various products after the sequence of packaging machinery company has a group of senior engineering and technical personnel and testing. equipment, has a complete production and process and quality assurance system, the company the full range of packaging machinery, widely used. Company products are three-dimensional transparent membrane packing machine; three-dimensional transparent film, packaging machinery transparent film packaging machine, automatic cartoning machine and three-dimensional packaging machine brand, automatic cartoning machine; eraser package paper; poker sorter; labeling machine ; filling machine;. Pen Maji series, and other related packaging machinery company based on customer specifications and production process requirements to develop production and online matching program above products are widely used in medicine, food, beauty industries of supplies, Nongfu tou, health care products, toys, stationery, high-end gift products, etc. have been well received by customers favor and good!
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In 2009 in Zhejiang Province won reputation for quality machinery industry
Leading the demonstration unit title
Chu won the 2014 Cup · HC food and pharmaceutical industry
User Recommended brand name
2015 China won the AAA-class brand quality and integrity of business
(Focusing on the promotion units) title
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